Skin Care

Very often, when we meet someone for the first time, the first thing that we will take notice is the face of the person. A facial thoroughly purifies the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells to promote skin that is clear and rejuvenated. Having and keeping your skin healthy and pure is essential but not just for hygiene reasons. It will help to boost your self-esteem and confidence.


    Skin Care Treatments

  • Refreshing facial
    A refreshing facial is a shorter version of a facial which includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and mask Achieve a quick glow in 20 to 25 mins.
  • Purifying Facial
    This is a purifying treatment for all skin types, offering a smoother, clearer complexion by eliminating congestion and refining the skin. It includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, deep cleansing massage with steam, extractions, decollete massage, and masque.
  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
    Deep Pore Cleansing Facial is the ideal customized treatment for  oily/acne-prone/ anti aging skin.  It refreshes and renews the skin cells, exfoliates the dead layer, focuses on the extraction of whiteheads and blackheads as well as on acne and other impurities in the skin, using high frequency and ultra sonic device, purifies the skin, followed by appropriate  mask to moisturize and revive the skin. The process takes one hour.
  • Mantastic Facial
    The mantastic facial is a deep cleansing facial specially customized for male skin. Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation using micro scrub/enzymes or gommage, steaming, deep cleansing massage, extraction, hydrating massage, and masque.
  • Collagen Eye Treatment
    The collagen eye treatment provides a massage, using a collagen cream, performed to stimulate blood circulation, followed by a collagen eye masque. The results are instantaneous for dark circles, dryness and fine lines, leaving a cooling effect.
    $30.00 ($20 with any facial)
  • Back Treatment
    The back treatment is a deep cleansing treatment beginning with a sea salt or papaya scrub under steam followed by extractions, a light massage and a mask.
    $70.00 ($50.00 if combined with any facial)
  • 10 minute Head/Back/Decollete Massage
    This service can be added to any facial to get the full spa experience. Hot towel after the massage releases all your tensions.
  • Opti Firm Eye treatment
    This exclusive formula with advanced marine proteins, increases skin firmness and helps to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Provides optimal hydration and smoothness. Also works to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles.
    $40 ($30 with any facials)
  • Microdermabrasion
    Microdermabrasion is a heavy exfoliation done using a medical grade derma machine. This treatment is ideal for tired, stressed or devitalized skin. It fights the effects of pollution on the skin leaving the skin revitalized and radiant. Microderm is good for all types of skin; especially effective for blemished skin.
    $100.00 (packages available)
  • Active contour eye treatment
    The active contour eye treatment is a professional treatment based on the latest advances in skin care and clinically proven ingredients that work to combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage. It eliminates dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.
  • Acne treatments
    Acne treatments are dependent upon skin condition, the treatment will be customized using medicated products along with deep pore cleansing techniques with the addition of high frequency and pure acid peels like salicylic acid, acne or citric peel.
    $85.00 and up
  • Glycol/Salicylic Peel
    A glycol or salicylic peel uses pure acid- a powerful yet gentle exfoliation is done to brighten and lighten the skin. Medical Aesthetician will customize the strengths accordingly.
    $85.00 and up

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